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You Probably Didn’t Know These Celebrities Were Adopted

Over the years, adopted people have occasionally gotten a bad reputation. Perhaps because so many serial killers ended up being adopted. However, there are many famous people who were adopted outside of mass killers

In fact, most people would probably be surprised to learn about the high volume of adopted celebrities, many of whom don’t discuss their unconventional upbringing that often. To offer you proof, allow us to share a list of celebrities who are adopted.


Marilyn Monroe

You Probably Didn’t Know These Celebrities Were Adopted – Marilyn Monroe

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, Monroe had a wild and crazy childhood that most people don’t know about. Her mother was both financially and emotionally unfit to care for her, so Marilyn was in foster care until age seven when she was declared a ward of the state. She was taken in by her mom’s friend for a few years before being bounced around between an orphanage and several foster homes. Ultimately, Marilyn married James Dougherty, a neighbor of her mother’s friend Grace McKee, doing so at age 16 just so she didn’t have to keep being shuffled back and forth between an orphanage and foster families.


Jamie Foxx

You Probably Didn’t Know These Celebrities Were Adopted – Jamie Foxx

Many people don’t realize that Foxx is one of many adopted celebrities. He was born with the name Eric Marlon Bishop but put up for adoption shortly after his birth. While he had a rather strict upbringing with his adoptive parents, Foxx had natural talents for both music and sports, helping put him on a path toward fame.


Frances McDormand

You Probably Didn’t Know These Celebrities Were Adopted – Frances McDormand

McDormand isn’t always included on the list of celebrities who are adopted, but that is indeed the case with the two-time Oscar winner. She was born in Illinois with the name Cynthia Ann Smith but was adopted when she was one and a half and raised by a Canadian couple. McDormand’s adoptive father worked as a pastor and she believes that her biographical mother may have been one of his parishioners at his church in Canada.


Faith Hill

You Probably Didn’t Know These Celebrities Were Adopted – Faith Hil

Hill was both born and raised in Mississippi, although she was put up for adoption when she was still an infant. She grew up in a family with two brothers who were the biological sons of her adoptive parents. After the adoption, she was given the name Audrey Faith Perry, which eventually led to her stage name of Faith. She ultimately moved to Nashville when she was 19 and became one of the best country singers of her generation. Faith would eventually reunite with her birth mother later in life and admires the difficult choice her mother made to give her up for adoption.


Steve Jobs

You Probably Didn’t Know These Celebrities Were Adopted – Steve Jobs

Jobs is one of the most famous people who were adopted, especially since many believe it played a role in him being both wildly successful and famously difficult to work with. His biological father was a Muslim man who grew up in Syria while his biological mother was a Catholic woman of Swiss and German descent.

Those differences likely played a role in putting Steve up for adoption. One couple that initially adopted him changed their mind about the adoption and then Steve’s adoptive mother had serious reservations about Paul and Clara Jobs, who ultimately adopted him. It’s quite a sorted tale, so you can see how it might have had a negative impact on Steve growing up. Of course, Jobs eventually founded Apple and changed the world.


Ray Liotta

You Probably Didn’t Know These Celebrities Were Adopted – Ray Liotta

Liotta is undoubtedly one of the more surprising celebrities who turned out to be adopted. He was abandoned at an orphanage soon after being born but adopted when he was six months old. His adoptive parents were both heavily involved in politics and adopted another child as well. Both Ray and his sister knew from an early age that they were adopted. When he was in his 40s, Liotta hired a private investigator to find his biological mother. That led to him meeting his biological parents and finding out that he has a biological sister, a half-brother, and five-half sisters.


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