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Why Ben Higgins Lost 30 Lbs. During Filming

Some of you have heard of “The Bachelor.” Maybe you watch it religiously. Or you are not a fan at all. But, today, we are talking about one of the contestants


The Starting Point

Ben Higgins was the star of the show in Season 20. Can you believe it has already been that many seasons? However, he was sick for most of the taping. Let us get into the nitty-gritty details, shall we? This experience was new, uncharted waters for the television franchise.

Why Ben Higgins Lost 30 Lbs. During Filming

Bachelor Time

When you are working as a bachelor dating dozens of women, the last thing you want to think about is health issues. Well, Ben Higgins did not have that luxury. He had a parasite in his gut, and it was quite massive. This scenario is why Ben Higgins lost 30 lbs. A parasite can cause a whole lot of issues. They can keep you dehydrated and take all your nutrition away in a hurry.

Ben lost this amount of weight during the entire season, and it sure was not traditional in the slightest. Before Ben began “The Bachelor,” he had been in Honduras for a friend’s wedding. While Ben was there, a fun little parasite decided to join him. Apparently, during the festivities, he drank something that did not have filtered water. Inside was a gift that Ben never wanted: a parasite. The next week, he still had to film, even though he was not feeling the greatest. Not a great way to start anything new, if you ask us.


Ben Had Health Issues During The Show

For Ben, it felt like he was dealing with the stomach flu. He was dealing with pain, cramps, nausea, and having a hard time functioning. But, Ben had health issues during the show that kept persisting. Over a three-month process, Ben kept the health problems unknown to people around him because he wanted the show to still look fantastic for the outside. This hiding kept the show afloat, even during the toughest of time.

Why Ben Higgins Lost 30 Lbs. During Filming

As the show went on, many outsiders believed Ben was an anxious, stressed individual. But, there was a lot more going on than met the eye. Even though Ben is sharing the info now, he still feels horrible that it is turning attention from “The Bachelor,” which needs the focus all along.


Non-Romantic Dates

Now that you know why Been Higgins lost 30 lbs., you start to understand why the Indiana native tapped out on some romantic dates. The man was not feeling well. He would be in the middle of a date and need to hit the restroom pronto. But, as the magic of television often does, they were able to edit out and hide many of Ben’s less flattering moments.


Finally Fine

But, maybe for Ben, he will not have to be the highlight of “The Bachelor” for now. The host of “The Bachelor,” Chris Harrison, has brought the show its latest drama. When a contestant on the show insight some racist actions, Harrison did not condone it. And backlash soon followed from around the globe. The show did not address the comments quickly enough. With the episodes being pre-taped, you would have thought the franchise would make the right call.

Why Ben Higgins Lost 30 Lbs. During Filming

Now, with the new season of “The Bachelor” involving its recent addition, Matt James, the show still has not addressed Harrison’s actions. James, an African-American, continued to press on with all the controversy.

But Ben is healthy. After Ben had health issues during the show, he is back to tip-top shape, and we wish him the very best that life can offer. Having a parasite in his gut was no easy task to overcome. But Ben has a bright future ahead, and we are all excited to see him thrive in his life. Who knows where or how he will go next in life without a parasite holding him down.


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