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Top Tips On How To Find Cheap Accommodation Anywhere

Traveling is fun but it can quickly become expensive. It starts with a seemingly cheap flight that makes it look like a good idea to get away. Then you’ll need transport to get to the airport, parking, perhaps carers for your pets, and, of course, accommodation 

Suddenly your cheap last-minute getaway costs the same as a luxury holiday. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to. Once you discover how to find budget accommodations across the globe, you can make your vacation affordable again. Even better, you’ll have more money available to spend on enjoying your visit. 

All you have to do is take a look at the following tips on how to find cheap accommodation and choose the ones that suit your needs. Everyone is looking for something slightly different. 

Top Tips On How To Find Cheap Accommodation Anywhere

Try Couchsurfing

This isn’t a new trend but it is becoming more recognized. There are even official couch surfing websites. As the name suggests you’ll be staying with locals, although not necessarily on their couch. 

This is generally a better option for singles or perhaps couples. You can contact potential people and stay with them for a small charge. 

It’s a great way to get cheap places to stay while traveling and meet the locals to get a proper feel for the location. 


House Sitting

Another great way to enjoy cheap or even free places to stay while traveling is to sign up with a housesitting service. You get to stay in someone’s house while they are away and, in return, you’ll have to look after their pets. There is a small charge but this simply gets you membership, the accommodation is effectively free and you can visit places across the globe. 


Check Reward Schemes

Most credit card companies have reward schemes that allow you to collect points and then use them against specific purchases. In most cases, this includes a variety of accommodation options across the globe. All you have to do is check your points total and see how much you can knock off a standard hotel bill. 

This is one of the best tips on how to find cheap accommodation while still ensuring the accommodation is to a high standard. Best of all, you’re collecting the points anyway, you may as well use them for something useful!



Hostels have long been established as one of the best places for individuals and couples to stay. The facilities are simple but they offer the opportunity to meet lots of different people and swap stories. 

The fact that they cost almost nothing is a bonus!

Top Tips On How To Find Cheap Accommodation Anywhere
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Overnight Transport

This is particularly good if you are comfortable sleeping almost anywhere. All you have to do is book your travel arrangements for overnight. The cost of travel is usually cheaper and you can sleep while traveling, saving you the cost of a night in a hotel. 

It’s worth going in standard class as you’ll find it can also be a lot of fun mixing with other people. 



When you’re looking at how to find budget accommodations it’s inevitable that Airbnb will appear on the list. In recent years prices on this site appear to be rising. That means you’ll have to spend longer looking through the options to find the best possible deals. 

It can help to look slightly further out from the center of a city, you’ll find the rates go down rapidly. The good thing is that there are plenty of different options to look at, from sharing with a stranger to renting an entire villa; all at the right price. 



Sometimes you can’t control when you need to travel. But, if you can then make sure you travel in the off-season. It will save you a lot of money. In addition, try to travel mid-week. Transport and flights tend to be cheaper during the week, helping you to get the best possible deal.


Stay Several Nights

Most places have a surcharge if you are staying just one night, it’s because they have a lot of cleaning to do regardless of how long you stay. 

That’s why it pays to book more than one night. In fact, the longer you stay the better the deal you’ll get.


Final Thoughts

The key to how to find cheap travel accommodation is to plan in advance and to be flexible. This will allow you to contact people, negotiate favorable rates, and adjust your travel plans to suit your budget.

Before you know it you’ll be traveling the world while holding down a regular job!


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