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Celebrity Real Estate: The Weeknd Seeks $22.5 Million For Westwood Penthouse 

The Weeknd bought his swanky Westwood apartment in Los Angeles in 2019 for an impressive $21 million. The apartment takes up the entire 18th floor of the building and is tied as the most expensive real estate apartment purchase in L.A. County since 2010

You know him as The Weeknd although his real name is Abel Tesfaye. He started releasing music anonymously in 2009 on YouTube. The success of his music led to him co-founding the XO record label. The Weeknd signed with Republic Records in 2012 and released his first studio album in 2013, winning him a Grammy Award. 

Celebrity Real Estate: The Weeknd Seeks $22.5 Million For Westwood Penthouse

That was just the start of his success, he has since released several other studio albums and sold over 75 million records. Of course, this success allowed him to indulge in traditional celebrity real estate, including the swanky Westwood penthouse in Los Angeles.


The Weeknd Road To Success

The Weeknd achieved success by writing interesting songs. He is known for moody and character-driven music. It was this, along with the fact that no one knew who he was, that drove him to become known and respected. 

It was a comparatively small step from there to sign with a record label and continue doing what he was doing. Naturally, it takes dedication but his natural abilities for singing and songwriting have allowed him to become one of the biggest stars of the music industry.

Celebrity Real Estate: The Weeknd Seeks $22.5 Million For Westwood Penthouse

There is no sign of this changing or him slowing down. In fact, he is already recorded as one of the first artists to release an album in 2022, and it has gone down well with fans and critics. 

With such a wealth of success, it’s hardly surprising he has been splashing on property.


The Westwood Apartment

Naturally, the apartment has stunning views with floor-to-ceiling windows and light flooding the apartment from all directions. 

Of course, the building also has a 24-hour concierge, gym, saltwater pool, and a helipad on the roof. It allowed The Weeknd to enjoy city life with the privacy and security of a private house. 

The apartment was nicknamed ‘The Mogul’ as it was one of four designed for high-earners with distinct personalities. This one is finished in a deep navy blue with walnut wood and has a distinctly masculine feel. 

Celebrity Real Estate: The Weeknd Seeks $22.5 Million For Westwood Penthouse

It is worth noting the only place another apartment owner could bump into The Weeknd would be on the amenities floor. Everything else is private.  


Why Is He Selling A Swanky Westwood Penthouse In Los Angeles?

This isn’t the only property The Weeknd has sold recently. He has a decent celebrity real estate portfolio and in April 2021 off-loaded a mansion in Hidden Hills for $19.3 million.

The Weeknd seeks $22.5 million for the Westwood penthouse, which is only a little more than he paid for the place. That simply reflects the current market value and the fact that he hasn’t made any significant changes to the apartment.

He hasn’t owned the apartment for long but it does appear that he is quitting vertical living. The sale of Westwood and Hidden Hills goes a long way toward the $70 million The Weeknd just paid for a mansion in Bel Air.

One Of  The Most Expensive Sales In 2021

In keeping with his celebrity property record-breaking, the Bel Air mansion was one of the most expensive sales to take place in L.A. in 2021.

Celebrity Real Estate: The Weeknd Seeks $22.5 Million For Westwood Penthouse

The mansion has 33,000 square feet of space including a gym, music studio, sauna, movie theatre, and an indoor pool. There is also an impressive infinity pool with an attached waterfall and a sports court to help Tesfaye stay fit. 

This property obviously gives him a much greater level of privacy and space which is likely to be the prime reason he sold his swanky Westwood apartment. 

Perhaps it is now time to ask how long he will manage to stay in this place?


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