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The 4 Top Small Business Website Builders 

The right website builder for small businesses is critical to your success. Fortunately, you’re in the right place

The world is becoming increasingly digital with people simply expecting there to be an app for everything. That means whether you are a new business or an established small business, to succeed you are going to need a website. 

However, you can’t simply take a pre-packaged website and add your logo. With approximately 4.4 million company start-ups per year, you need to do everything possible to ensure your business stands out. 

That’s why you need to use one of the top small business website builders. They won’t just help you create an awesome site, the best website builders in 2022 will also give you a selection of tools to help you monitor your site, track customer use, and adapt it to improve it.

The 4 Top Small Business Website Builders 
Credit: Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

1. Shopify

Shopify can be considered one of the top small business website builders currently available with the bonus that it is completely free. They have a large platform that sells everything, allowing your business to expand and grow with their help. 

The key is to maximize your ways to sell and use Shopify to make sure you are reaching as many customers as possible. 

You don’t need any coding to get started, simply choose one of the free or paid themes. It should be noted that if you want to customize and stand out, paying for the service is a good idea. 

Your Shopify site comes with an array of tracking tools and it even integrates with other online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay.


2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a great website builder for small businesses simply because it is probably the fastest one to get started and established on. In fact, this is one of the biggest website hosting companies in the world. That makes it unsurprising that it has potentially the most comprehensive collection of features. 

This includes a dedicated design studio allowing you to edit and utilize video and images for your sales and marketing campaigns. It can be a lot of fun playing with what is possible.  

GoDaddy does offer plenty of tracking options that ensure you know how your site is doing and what effect any changes you have made are having. However, the opportunities to customize your site are limited. 


3. WordPress

WordPress is, undoubtedly, one of the best website builders in 2022. This is in keeping with its current position in the market. It is well known for being the best website builder for customization. That means you can use a standard template and then customize it to your heart’s content. In fact, there is virtually nothing that can’t be created through this website builder. 

Of course, the more complicated the site becomes the more inviting it is to find a professional to monitor the site. You need to be sure this is a worthwhile step before you get carried away with customization. 

It certainly has an array of tools at your disposal and can bring any idea to life. What may surprise you is the cost, the basic offering is ridiculously cheap. Of course, you may want to upgrade this plan a little to get the best possible functionality. 

The 4 Top Small Business Website Builders 
Credit: Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA from Pexels

4. Site123

The final contender for the best website builder is Site123. This is probably the simplest of options and is great if you want something simple that works. It has more than 180 templates you can use but you can’t adjust the features. However, you can still make your site distinct by reorganizing the way your elements are shown. 

Site123 doers have a good collection of tracking tools to help you understand your market position. However, you will need to sign up for the premium plan to access these. This is a good idea anyway as the free version has ads. 


Final Thoughts

Any of the above four website builders can help you to get a website that stands out from the competition and helps you attract customers. But, the builder can’t do the work for you, it’s still up to you to pull the customers in and convince them to buy.


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