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Top Tips To Help You Start A Personal Shopper Business

Before you start your home business you need to know what is involved in a personal shopper job.

The general concept is simple, you shop for other people. You will need to decide whether you are tackling the more stable necessity market or the luxury market

The global pandemic has pushed many people to explore their options and look at different ways of earning money. The simple fact is that traditional forms of income are not recession-proof.

Of course, a personal shopper is a luxury and is probably not recession-proof. But, you will feel like you have more control over your life and your finances when you start a home business.

Top Tips To Help You Start A Personal Shopper Business
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What Involved In A personal Shopper Job?

When starting a personal shopper business aimed at necessity you are effectively shopping for exactly what the customer wants. In effect, they will provide you with a list and you will pick up the items for them. 

The more imaginative, fun, and potentially lucrative version of a personal shopper job is when you offer your services as a luxury. That means shopping for people’s desires, not the essentials. It can be harder to find the right items but is generally more rewarding.


Creating Your Own Home Business

When starting a personal shopper business you will need to comply with the relevant law. That means registering your business, obtaining insurance, and checking whether there are any licensing requirements in your state.

The good news is that there are minimal start-up costs. In fact, the majority of the costs are your advertising. It is advisable to create a website to help attract customers. You will also need to advertise locally and have a vehicle to help you shop. Of course, a smartphone is also essential.

Initial contact will almost always be by phone and a good quality Smartphone will ensure you can take pictures of items when necessary. There are many times when you will need to send a client a picture to confirm they like your choice.

Having Experience

It is best if you already have some experience as a personal shopper, perhaps as a buyer for a department store. This will help you to understand what is needed by your new clients. 

As you start up and hunt for your first clients you will also need to consider which market you are targeting and what you will charge per hour. This will depend on whether you are targeting people that need your services because they can’t get to the shops or people that like others to shop for them.

Top Tips To Help You Start A Personal Shopper Business
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Things To Consider When Starting A Personal Shopper Business

There are several things you should be aware of before you start offering your services as a personal shopper. 

Minimal Start-Up Costs

As mentioned, the major cost to starting this business is your advertising and the creation of your website. You will also need to consider any registration fees, your monthly insurance, and the maintenance of your vehicle. 

The good news is you can start this business for so little you won’t need finance. 

Get Paid To Do Something You Enjoy

If you are considering a personal shopper job you probably have a love of shopping. In short, you will be getting paid to do something you love doing. There are a lot worse jobs out there!

Often Requires Unusual or Long Hours

However, as a personal shopper, especially in the luxury market, you may find the hours are long, irregular, and unusual.

But, providing you are prepared to put in the work, you can make a respectable income. 

Can Be Hard To Build Trust and Please Some Clients

You should also note that there is a lot of trust involved as a personal shopper. You need to get the right thing for your client and that can be difficult, especially at the start when you are still getting to know them.

It takes time to build the trust and relationship a personal shopper needs with their clients but the effort is worthwhile. Of course, there will also be some clients that seem impossible to please!


Final Thoughts On Starting A Personal Shopper Business

It takes hard work to start any business but, if you love shopping and are happy to put in the effort, you will find starting a personal shopper business, and running it, is lucrative and enjoyable. All you have to do is take your time finding the right clients. 


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