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Seven Top Tips For Affordable Luxury Travel 

Who doesn’t want to learn how to do affordable luxury travel? The simple truth is, when you have money, traveling is a much nicer experience. You‘ll have seen images of the first-class space on a long-haul flight, it’s a world away from your standard seats

Of course, luxury travel isn’t just about getting to the destination, it’s the hotel you stay in, the restaurants you choose to dine in, and even the shopping experience. 

The good news is that you don’t need to be mega-wealthy to enjoy luxury. You simply need to know how to do affordable luxury travel on a budget. These tips will help.

Seven Top Tips For Affordable Luxury Travel 
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1. Book In Sales

It may not seem like it but all the airlines offer discounted flights and other items on sale. All you have to do is look for who currently has a sale and then book your flight at a fraction of the price. You can look for airlines that are having sales or simply search through several online sales agents, such as Kayak and Google flights.

If you are flexible regarding which part of a country you land in or even which country you go to, you’ll find it is much easier to get a great deal.

2. Join Loyalty Programmes

The majority of hotels and airlines have their own loyalty programs. These are designed to ensure you use the same airline or hotel chain again and again. If you choose to do this you’ll find your loyalty is rewarded via discounts. 

To make sure you get the most from the program make sure you sign up for the newsletter and follow famous bloggers. They’ll help you discover all the tips and tricks to get the most out of any loyalty program.

3. Collect Miles

One of the most obvious tips for affordable luxury travel is to collect as many air miles as you can. You don’t even need to fly to collect the miles! Simply use a credit card that rewards you with Airmiles. You’ll usually get 1.5 Airmiles for every dollar spent.

You can use the Airmiles to pay for your flight or to get an upgrade and get a first-class experience. 

4. Go With new Hotels

A simple way to get luxury travel on a budget is to monitor new luxury hotels. As soon as they open they will have special deals on. These are designed to get people in and ensure everyone knows how good the hotel is. 

In many cases you’ll get a 50% discount and an array of extras, ensuring you can enjoy the luxury lifestyle without breaking the bank. 

5. Turn Your VPN On

This is perhaps the best of all the tips for affordable luxury travel! A VPN is a way to hide the location of your computer. Using it means that the sites you visit won’t know you have been there before. This is important as many holiday sites track your visits and increase the price every time you visit!

By using a VPN you can be assured that you are getting their best price, every time. 

Seven Top Tips For Affordable Luxury Travel 

6. Go For the Club Lounge

If you choose a hotel that’s part of a chain there is a good chance they will have a club room floor. This is the level that houses the club lounge. Book the room on this level and you’ll get a larger room with extra features. You’ll also get access to the club lounge where food and drinks are complimentary and even a cocktail happy hour. 

Obviously, these rooms are more expensive but you can make them affordable by using your loyalty program. 

7. Choose your date

If you are flexible about when to travel then check the date. School holidays and the main summer season means prices are massively inflated. But, head to your desired destination a couple of days later and the min season has finished and the prices have dropped. 

Everything else is the same! In short, look for the places that have a sudden price drop and check why this is happening before you commit.


Final Thoughts

Most people love the idea of traveling first class and being treated like a VIP. However, what really matters is how much you enjoyed the vacation. You don’t necessarily need first-class flights and accommodation for that. Instead, keep the money and use it to really enjoy your destination. That’s the memories you keep forever.



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