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Seven Facts about Johnny Depp That You Didn’t Know

Johnny Depp has come a long way since his modest upbringing in Owensboro, Kentucky. He made his first appearance in the 1984 film A Nightmare On Elm Street and has been on the big screen ever since. His most notable roles include Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean, Russell Poole in City of Lies, and Richard in The Professor

Here are seven facts about Johnny Depp that you didn’t know:

Seven Facts about Johnny Depp That You Didn’t Know

The Star Doesn’t Have an Oscar

Given Johnny Depp’s lengthy resume, it’s hard to believe that the Kentucky native hasn’t won an Oscar. However, the actor received a nomination for Best Actor in the Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl. Despite never winning an Oscar, he has won various other awards, including a Golden Globe, Empire Award, and MTV Movie Award. Johnny Deep still has a long road ahead of him, so there’s a good chance that he could win a well-deserved Oscar.


He Used to Own the Viper Room

This side gig is perhaps one of the most remarkable facts you didn’t know about Johnny Depp. Like many celebrities, Johnny Depp had a side business venture – he co-owed a Hollywood nightclub called the Viper Room. The Viper Room was a hot spot for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and hosted countless renowned musicians, such as Johnny Cash. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star sold the club in 2004 after owning it for 11 years.


He Can Turn into Captain Jack Sparrow at Anytime

When talking about interesting Johnny Depp Facts, one can’t forget Jonny Depp’s alter ego, Captain Jack Sparrow. He almost always has a Captain Jack Sparrow costume on hand! Johnny Depp also does lots of philanthropical work, so it’s not uncommon to see him dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow while visiting hospitalized children. The famed actor also never breaks out of character when he’s in costume!

Seven Facts about Johnny Depp That You Didn’t Know

Johnny Depp is Also a Musician

At this point, you probably realize there are many facts you didn’t know about Johnny Depp. He always had a knack for singing and formed the Hollywood Vampires in 2015. Johnny and his rock supergroup write their own songs and perform songs in honor of musical legends that have died. The group currently consists of Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Tommy Henriksen.


He’s Extremely Charitable

Johnny Depp is worth millions thanks to his success in the music industry. Even though he has some elaborate properties across the United States, he’s still a very giving person. After Heath Ledger passed away, Johnny Depp donated his salary from the movie Doctor Parnassus to Ledger’s daughter. Not only that, but Depp also sectioned off a part of his private Island in the Bahamas to Ledger.


Nicolas Cage Was His Inspiration

Johnny Depp and Nicolas Cage met in the 1980s, and the duo formed a close bond. The two lived together, and Depp started to look up to Cage, who provided him with invaluable mentorship. Cage connected Depp with his agent, and Depp later landed a role in A Nightmare On Elm Street. At the time, Depp was trying to become a musician but eventually found his path to fame through motion pictures. There are many remarkable facts about Johnny Depp. Still, many are surprised that Nicolas Cage helped Johnny Depp jumpstart his successful career in Hollywood.

Seven Facts about Johnny Depp That You Didn’t Know

He Spent $5 Million to Shoot Ashes From a Cannon

Johnny Depp met Hunter S. Thompson, a famed journalist, when Depp landed the role in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. The duo eventually formed a close friendship, and Depp got the chance to shoot one of Thompson’s cherished guns. Sadly, Thompson committed suicide in 2005 but had one final wish – he wanted someone to shoot his ashes from a cannon.

Since Johnny Depp hardly lets anyone down, he helped Thompson get his last wish; the star spent approximately $5 million to shoot Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon! Many people find this one of the most interesting Johnny Depp facts. Needless to say, Johnny Depp has had an inspirational career thus far and will surely achieve much more in the future.


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