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Celebrity Roman Kemp Earns 1 Million Euros

The sky is the limit for this celebrity with a British and United States of America citizenship

Getting Caught Up

At only 27 years of age, Roman Kemp has been spending his time working in Great Britain. After completing his schooling at the Berkhamsted School, Roman went onto be a radio presenter and television personality.

Celebrity Roman Kemp Earns 1 Million Euros

The son of Spandau Ballet’s star and the singer, Shirlie Kemp, has made the news recently. In 2014, young Roman was hosting the Breakfast Show on Capital FM. In November of the same year, Kemp joined the radio business on Sundays from 6 to 9 a.m. Later, in 2015, Roman moved to Saturdays from 5 to 8 p.m. and Sundays from 9 to 12 a.m. The next year, Roman was on weeknights from 7 to 10 p.m., as well as keeping the Sunday show. Currently, his radio show has almost 4 million listens across the United Kingdom.

You may have even seen Roman on Shows like The X Factor UK, Nick Kicks, The Hot Desk, Len Goodman’s Partners In Rhyme, and First Dates, to name a few. But, now, he has grown to bigger and better heights.

The Side Hustle

Roman Kemp is working on a side hustle, though. The FM job has not been enough for the man, so he has been working overtime. Since the start of 2020, Roman has been making his parents proud of what he has been advertising.


A Jungle Celebrity

Since Roman was a jungle celebrity, finishing in third place, he has made 1 million euros. Roman’s Instagram posts have revealed a ton of endorsement deals that have been impacting a lot of his followers. This advertising has made Roman into a celebrity with a Gogglebox stint and other deals to boot.

Celebrity Roman Kemp Earns 1 Million Euros

Eating And Marketing

Some of the products Roman has backed include unsweetened almond milk from Alpro and Smirnoff vodka drinks that are light on the calories. Kellogg’s cereals are also something that Roman praises. Even when he is on the radio in London, you can hear him eating some delicious cereal and marketing it in the process.

Over the past week, Roman Kemp earns 1 million Euros to tell people about ice tea and the Candy Crush app. The only thing that the celebrity, with Gogglebox stints and other deals at his disposal, is not eating that he is advertising is Pedigree Chum. Probably best if Roman does not eat dog food. However, if Roman Kemp earns 1 million Euros more, he may do it.

The Car Industry

Other top brands that Roman is making money off of is the car industry. Volkswagen has hopped on the Roman train, and he is producing positive results by marketing for them. With additional currency coming from Cadbury and Topman, Roman’s bank account is only getting bigger.

Since Roman has a perfect charm, many of his followers love what he is putting out. Even as a jungle celebrity finishing in third place, Roman still has all the drive and promise to be a part of marketing for years to come. Roman has only scratched the surface.

Celebrity Roman Kemp Earns 1 Million Euros

Finishing Line

Maybe over time, Roman will find out that less is more, and only focus on a few products. But, for now, Roman is living it up and making serious money in the process.

Maybe someday, the millionaire will settle down and share his wealth with a family. He was in a relationship for almost three years with then-girlfriend Anne-Sophie Flury. We will see over the next decade how far Roman takes his fame.

Still, Roman has been apart of some good causes with the advertising. In 2019, Roman got a tattoo saying “Nice to melt ya” on his foot personalized by One Directions’ Niall. From the event, Niall donated 5000 euros to the organization “Make Some Noise.” If Roman can keep it up, there is a bright future ahead for him.


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