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Insider Secret Tip How To Get Free McDonald’s

If we are all honest with ourselves, we want to get free food at McDonald’s. A user on TikTok, @benitajadah, is also a worker at the fast-food giant. She gave a quick and concise way for you to get that free McDonald’s food. Read on for more

The Secret Tip How To Get Free McDonald’s

Free McDonald’s Food

So, you are looking at how to get free McDonald’s? It is possible, but you have to be aware of how you are acting in this food establishment. We are not talking about getting free food just because you are superb, at least not yet. There are some steps that you need to understand to make an impression with people who are working at McDonald’s.

Let us say that the workers at McDonald’s got your meal wrong. Gasp! This example would never happen. You ordered a Big Mac meal, and it came out as a kid’s meal with a side of fries. How would you react in this situation? Your reaction will make all the difference when you want free food at McDonald’s.


The Reaction

The gut reaction might be you want to yell and shout at the staff for doing the wrong thing to your order. You may name call and try to force the workers to submit to your requests. You may want to see a manager or whine that your meal should be free, but the chances of that happening will be slim. The employees will take back the old food and give you the right order, and that is about it.

The Secret Tip How To Get Free McDonald’s

On the side, the staff may be upset at you for the way they got treated with an honest mistake. Do you not be this first-person. Instead, be the person in this second example.


A Real Solution

The better solution would be to speak calmly and patiently with the staff at McDonald’s. Having a calm head and a flexible mindset will get you far, not only at McDonald’s but in life, too. This example is the fastest way to free McDonald’s food. So, if we resurface back to the old point, you would not only get your correct order in food, but you would get the wrong order of food as well. This scenario would be the least McDonald’s could do to help you out. Also, the staff will certainly appreciate how much you cared about them and treated them like human beings.


Other Ways To Freedom

Of course, there are other ways on how to get free McDonald’s. If you have Google Pay or Apple Pay payment options, you will sometimes be offered extra money when you purchase with McDonald’s. The same occurs if you are ordering from UberEats or DoorDash. There are also credit cards and debit cards that will replenish money back into your account if you are eating at McDonald’s. Be aware of this can work for you or not.

The Secret Tip How To Get Free McDonald’s

Also, try to ask for expired food or grabbing extra receipts that you see lying around the store. For starters, expired food at a restaurant is not expired yet, but close. This type of food is an option if you are looking to get some free food. Also, on many receipts, there are surveys that you can take to get some items at McDonald’s at no charge to you, which is a plus.

Lastly, McDonald’s app can be your best friend to get free food. Sometimes, the app has completely free deals. Maybe the app gets a little faulty, as well, not registering that you have a free meal. Many customers out there have said this has happened on sites like Quandree, Quora, and Reddit.

Whatever way you work to get free food, do it with pride. You work hard in life. If you can get some free stuff in this word, gladly accept it for yourself. You will not be disappointed in the slightest.

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