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How to Gain 1 Million Followers on TikTok

The video-sharing application recently reported that one billion people use their app each month. If you have a creative side, it’s entirely possible to gain a following of one million or more

TikTok has become one of the top applications for influencers. You may also be wondering, “how much money do TikTokers make?” If you want to acquire one million followers and earn money from TikTok, you should follow these four steps:


1. Focus on Creative and Captivating Content

There’s no doubt that TikTok users lose interest fast. You only have a couple of seconds to catch their attention or they’ll scroll to the next video. In the world of TikTok, the hook is critical. Now you might be wondering, “what is a hook?” A hook is the first few seconds of your video. Many argue that the hook is more important than the content afterward. Fortunately, hundreds of TikTokers make videos sharing how to create the best hook.

How to Gain 1 Million Followers on TikTok
Credit: Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels

You should make your content captivating and visually appealing. If you edit your videos outside of TikTok, you may not blend in with the community. Thus, many of the most popular TikTokers still use the application to shoot and edit their content.


2. Make Yourself Stand Out

If you post videos of yourself doing trending dances, you probably won’t gain many followers. It’s essential to choose a unique niche to build an audience on TikTok. Take a look at the users you follow and ask yourself, “what’s unique about their content?” It’s also an excellent idea to look at different hashtags and see how many views each has. After analyzing your content and trending hashtags, you can develop a strategy to amass a following on the video-sharing application.


3. Optimize Your Content

Many users who have learned to build an audience on TikTok have used optimization tools. There are various ways to optimize your videos, including picking the right hashtags, music, and so forth. These optimizations techniques are a small yet essential part of gaining a large following on TikTok. Generally speaking, you want to use the most popular hashtags to categorize your niche. The categories you use ultimately drive consistent traffic to your website.

Nevertheless, it’s best to avoid categories that are too vague. As mentioned, TikTok is all about picking the right niche and mastering it (not blending in with the crowd). If you’re wondering how to gain 1 million followers on TikTok, it’s essential to try various optimization techniques to discover which yield the best results.


4. Stay Consistent

As they say, “consistency is key.” Creating funny content is one thing, but producing it continuously is another. Let’s imagine you post a viral video that receives millions of views. At this point, you probably think you’re the next big TikTok Star. However, you’ll have to post high-quality videos to keep your audience engaged.

How to Gain 1 Million Followers on TikTok
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The short-term fame might enable you to monetize your channel, but the views will slowly dwindle. Not only that, but be sure not to overdo it. You’ll eventually run out of ideas if you post multiple videos a day. At the same time, you could experience some severe burnout. Create content that your audience wants, but don’t try too hard at the git-go.


How Much Money Do TikTokers Make?

In reality, most people on TikTok don’t make money. However, once you gain a respectable following, you can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 plus per post. Famous TikTokers make most of their money through sponsorship advertisements. However, TikTok also pays two to four cents per 1,000 views if you’re a member of the Creator Fund. It’s entirely possible to make a living on TikTok, especially once you hit one million followers.


How to Gain 1 Million Followers on TikTok: a Final Glance

While you won’t gain 1 million followers on TikTok overnight, it’s certainly an achievable goal. You’ll want to be sure to create unique content, focus on a niche, and optimize your content using the right categories. Not only that, but it’s essential to produce high-quality and engaging content to keep your audience coming back.


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