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How Italian TikToker Khaby Lame Became a Self-Made Millionaire

Khabane Lame (a.k.a. Khaby Lame) is an Italian-based TikTok creator with a massive following. The young adult’s path to stardom is quite a tale. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Khaby was working a mundane factory job. Like millions other, the pandemic left Khaby without work – leaving him with more time on his hands

Thanks to his witty sense of humor, theatrical expressions, and quirkiness, Khaby Lame has amassed a worldwide fanbase. The twenty-one-year-old has over 1.8 billion likes and 118 million followers on his TikTok account. According to the most recent rankings, Khaby Lame is the second most followed TikToker, right behind Charli D’Amelio. However, the margins are slim since D’Amelio only has around eight million more followers. Could the second most popular TikTok creator soon take first place? Only time will tell.

How Italian TikToker Khaby Lame Became a Self-Made Millionaire

Why Italian Tiktoker Khaby Lame Is So Popular

After losing his job, Lame’s father pressured him to find another day job. As you can tell, the young TikToker wasn’t very interested in finding another factory job in Chivasso, Italy. Lame – the so-called TikTok “mime” devoted hours to filming videos at the onset. Eventually, Lame went on to create a humorous character that appeals to a diverse audience.

Many people wonder how Khaby Lame got wealth from social media without barely saying a word. The answer is clear: Lame produces his content for a global audience. TikTok has users worldwide, so why would he speak his native tongue and limit his audience? The famed TikTokers has fans from around the world – the United States, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada, to name a few.


Where is Khaby Lame From?

The second most popular TikTok creator originally comes from Senegal – a country in West Africa. However, he has spent most of his life in Italy since his family moved from Senegal when he was one year old. Although he has been in Italy for almost his entire life, the young TikTok sensation still doesn’t have Italian citizenship. With his Senegalese passport, he finds it more challenging to find opportunities abroad.

How Italian TikToker Khaby Lame Became a Self-Made Millionaire

Despite the lack of a passport from Italy, Lame considers himself very much “Italian.” Lame is currently working with government officials to obtain citizenship, which is prolonged because he wasn’t born in Italy.


Khaby Lame’s Presence on other Social Media Platforms

Lame has a profound presence on other social medial platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. He has over 55 million followers on Instagram – where he posts short videos and promotes his business. There’s also a subreddit dedicated to Khaby Lame, where followers talk about the star and share fan art.

The TikTok star also has his own YouTube channel with over one million followers (a minimal following compared to TikTok). However, he doesn’t appear to be very active on YouTube. Various channels, such as TikTok Stars, create compilations showcasing Lame’s best videos. There’s also a handful of reaction videos, so you can see if others find Lame funny or not.

How Italian TikToker Khaby Lame Became a Self-Made Millionaire

A Quick Rise to Fame and Wealth

If you ask yourself how Khaby Lame got wealth, it’s safe to say it didn’t come from his factory job. Being the second most popular TikTok creator, he has endless sponsorship opportunities and can demand some of the highest rates. According to his Instagram profile, Lame works with the social media agency Iron Corporation. The young TikTok star likely earns a lot of cash through agency bookings.

Lame created his own online shop to monetize his colossal fanbase. Named “Khaby Shop,” fans can choose from a selection of unique products, including swim shorts, privacy screen protectors, and custom merch. Lame caters to his global audience with express worldwide shipping.


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With a relatively slim collection of products, it’s hard to say how much the TikTok star makes from his online shop. There’s a good chance that he’s raking in more money through sponsorships.

The Italian TikToker Khaby Lame is the ultimate success story. In under a year, the star amassed millions of followers worldwide, and he’s now the second most popular TikTok creator. This viral social media sensation has tons of potential, so there’s certainly a lot more in store for his fanbase.


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