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Everything You Need To Know About How To Wire Money Online

Moving money between places is something that you do every day. Of course, you don’t always think about the process but even paying for something with your debit card requires funds to move from your account to the business account

Of course, sometimes you need to send money and you can’t simply hand them your debit card. This is when a wire transfer is useful. It’s time to discover how to wire money online.


What Is A Wire Transfer?

You may have heard the phrase before and be wondering what is a wire transfer. It is simply a way to send money electronically between two places. It can be used to send money from one person to another or to send money to a business.  It is important to note that there is usually a fee involved when making a wire transfer.

Everything You Need To Know About How To Wire Money Online
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When Would I Use A Wire Transfer?

In a world of technology and online banking, you may be wondering when would I use a wire transfer? It’s a reasonable question. The best answer to when would I use a wire transfer is when you have limited time and need to send a large sum of money.

Banks generally set limits on how much you can transfer by yourself. To transfer more than the limit you’ll need to speak to your account manager and they will process the transaction for you. This is inconvenient and time-consuming. Using a dedicated wire transfer service allows you to complete the transfer quickly and the person or business receiving the funds can access them instantly.

It’s difficult to move large sums of money faster.


The Advantages Of A Wire Transfer

The main advantage of using a wire transfer is the speed at which funds can be moved between people. But, it is also significantly safer than sending a cheque or trying to pay in cash. In fact, with all the rules surrounding wire transfers, it is difficult to find a safer method of transferring your funds.

It should be noted that because the process is so fast there is very little time to cancel or amend a transfer once it has been started. That means it is essential you get the details of the receiving party right. It can be very difficult to reclaim funds from an unrelated third party.


How To Wire Money Online

Now that you know what is a wire transfer and realize there are times when a wire transfer is the best answer you’ll want to know how to wire money online.

Everything You Need To Know About How To Wire Money Online
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Choose Your Transfer Specialist

You can do a wire transfer via your bank or you can use an independent wire transfer expert. The independent will be faster as this is the main service they offer. However, you will need to transfer your funds to them, which can slow the process down.

It’s worth noting that the independent companies often offer a choice for the receiver, it can be wired to an account or sent to a point where it can be collected as cash.

Independents will often accept debit cards and credit cards to complete the transfer, simplifying and speeding up the process.

Check the Conditions

You need to check the terms and conditions. This ensures you know what you will be charged for using the service, what happens if the funds are not collected, and how to amend or cancel the transfer.

It will also give you useful information regarding what to do if you have sent the funds to the wrong recipient.

Don’t forget there is a difference between domestic and international transfers, both in terms of cost and time the transfer takes.


You’ll need to have all the receiving details on hand. That means the name of the person or business you are wiring funds to, their address, their bank details or where they will collect the cash, and your own ID. Having all this ready makes the process simpler.

Get Verification

Most wire transfers are completed in a matter of hours but the terms will tell you how long it takes. As soon as the time has passed verify with the receiver that they have the funds. This allows you to highlight any issue with the wire transfer service as quickly as possible.

It is normal to get a reference number and be able to trace the transfer.



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