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These Are The World’s Best Retirement Destinations

You’re about to discover the world’s best retirement destinations. Some of them may surprise you, they will all make you think again about retirement abroad

It doesn’t matter if you’re nearly at retirement age, already retired, or it’s a long way in the future. It is never too early or too late to look at the best places to retire.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be rich to enjoy the best places to retire, many of the following can be lived in comfortably for less than $2,000 a month!



Spain has been considered one of the world’s best retirement destinations for many years and with good reason. It has a high level of mental well-being, as many as 300 days of sunshine, and some fantastic food choices.

These Are The World’s Best Retirement Destinations
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Of course, there is plenty of culture, you can choose between trendy cities and more rural locations, and it’s easy to find and enjoy the beach. It’s also surprisingly cheap.



If you’ve always dreamed of living in Paris then retirement could be the time to do it, although this certainly isn’t the cheapest option. However, France is a large country with some stunning cities and beaches. You can head to the southern coast for glitzy towns or one of the smaller, friendly towns.

There are plenty to choose from, attractive prices, friendly locals, and you’ll get access to the best healthcare in the world.



If you want to avoid cold weather and enjoy a balanced climate then you should consider Ecuador as one of the best places to retire in the world. This South American country is not yet overrun with expats, giving you balance between the locals and creature comforts. It’s an affordable option even for the lowest budgets and there are plenty of things to do.

Don’t forget the impressive Amazon rainforest is right here, ready to be explored.



It may not be the first destination you think of when considering retirement abroad but it is well worth considering. Uruguay has plenty of stunning beaches, an array of fantastic cities steeped in culture, and plenty of countryside to explore and ramble in.

You’ll be spoilt for choice and be surprised at how affordable this quality of living is. A two-bedroom apartment is roughly $65 per month. It’s worth noting the strong expat community in Punta del Este.

These Are The World’s Best Retirement Destinations
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Mexico is pretty much as close as you can get when retiring outside of the US. It has excellent internet, cell phone service, and high-quality highways. But, it also has a rich culture and history which you can spend years exploring.

Of course, it is a popular expat destination, which means you don’t necessarily have to learn Spanish. That, along with the stunning beaches and enticing food, make this an attractive retirement destination.

Of course, the fact you can rent an apartment for $750 a month is also enticing.



Panama frequently tops the list of desirable retirement locations. There is a good reason why this is the case. This South American country is just three hours by plane from Miami and has an array of beaches, both on the Pacific coast and the Caribbean. It also has plenty of expats to help you make new friends and get involved locally.

It has plenty of history and culture to keep you entertained.


The Dominican Republic

For many, the idea of retiring to the Dominican Republic is both appealing and seems like an impossibility. In fact, it is much more affordable than you may think. There is already a substantial expat community and it has some of the best beaches and culture anywhere in the world.


Final Thoughts

All the above places could be considered the world’s best retirement destinations. The truth is there are hundreds of possibilities. All you have to do is consider where you would really like to retire and what facilities you need nearby. Anything is possible with a little research and the desire to try something new.


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