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Here’s How To Negotiate A Job Offer So You Get What You Want

The more interested you are in the job on offer the harder the interview process can seem.

Whether you are currently employed or not, it can be nerve-racking attending interviews. Getting through the various stages can make it very tempting to just say yes when a job offer is made.

However, this is the time when you need to know how to negotiate a job offer. You’ve passed the test and the employer wants you, there is no better opportunity to negotiate salary for a new job and ensure you get the package you deserve.

Here’s How To Negotiate A Job Offer So You Get What You Want
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Of course; if you’re going to negotiate salary for a new job you need to know how to do it properly. That will ensure the job is yours and the conditions are right. Get it wrong and you may not have a job offer. 

Fortunately, the following tips on how to negotiate a job offer will help you get it right. You can even use these rules of salary negotiation to help you get a deserved pay rise. 


Be Likeable!

Think about any difficult situation you have been in and you’ll realize you are more likely to give in to someone if you like them. The same applies in a salary negotiation, you need to be likable to get the employer on your side.

That means being polite and explaining why you feel you are worth more money or would like additional benefits. You need to avoid sounding petty, the best way to ensure you have the right approach is to practice with friends and get honest feedback. 

Remember, the explanation is critical to negotiation success.


Be Straight With Them

Potential employers are more likely to give you more if they are certain you will accept. While it can be beneficial to tell them you have other interested parties, they need to know if they agree to what you want you will definitely work for them. 

It’s worth noting one of the principal rules of salary negotiation is to make sure they know you have other options. Just don’t lay this on too strong. 

Here’s How To Negotiate A Job Offer So You Get What You Want
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Assess The Employer

Not all employers are in a position to offer more money. They may not have the budget or simply feel it will be unfair you other employees. You need to assess the hiring situation and understand when a pay increase is possible and when it’s not. 

Of course, there are other ways to improve your packages, such as flexibility on starting dates, holiday allowance, and performance bonuses. Knowing what you are dealing with allows you to push the right package.


Think About Difficult Questions Before The Negotiation

When learning how to negotiate a job offer it is critical you consider what hard questions they may ask, such as, ‘if offered the job tomorrow would you say yes?’

It is paramount that you don’t lie in a negotiation. That’s why you need to anticipate questions and have answers ready beforehand. This will allow you to be honest without damaging your bargaining potential.


Negotiate Everything At The Same Time

You can’t ask an employer for a pay rise and then when they agree that, change tact and ask for extra vacation or bonuses. If you want to be successful at salary negotiation you need to present all your changes at the same time. This ensures the employer knows what they are dealing with and you can resolve the issues as a package. It makes it more likely that you’ll succeed.


Only Negotiate If you Need To

Before you start negotiating a job offer take a moment to consider what you are being offered. You don’t have to negotiate if you are happy with what they are offering. In fact, accepting the package can make it easier to negotiate in a few months, once they have seen what you are capable of. 

Remember, negotiations can cause tensions, make sure these are worthwhile before you start and that you’re not negotiating just for the sake of it. 


Persistence Helps

If an employer really wants you then it can pay to be persistent. That means multiple meetings for negotiations but this can help you to get favorable terms as what an employer is prepared to offer can change over time depending on many other factors.


Know Your Value

Your current or potential employer is likely to know the going rate for your particular job. It’s important that you know what this is before you start negotiating. You can’t ask for double the industry average because the employer will find someone else. But, if you can justify you’re worth it, you can ask for more than the average.


Final Thoughts

For many people knowing how to negotiate a job offer is simply trial and error. The majority of the issues can be resolved if you know who and what you are dealing with and are prepared for anything they may ask. The rest comes down to your patience, attitude, and persistence. 

It can be a rewarding experience. 


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