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Discover How Much Daniel Craig Earned Playing James Bond

Considering the current estimate of Daniel Craig net worth it is justifiable to assume that much of it is a direct result of his role as 007

Daniel Craig is estimated to have a net worth of GBP 120 million, an impressive sum of money for someone that started acting at age six and has built his own fortune.

Discover How Much Daniel Craig Earned Playing James Bond

There is no doubt that his role as James Bond has contributed significantly to his net worth.  But, just how much has Daniel Craig playing James Bond been worth to the star?


The Pre Bond Years

Before Craig became the modern 007 he first appeared on screen in 1992 in ‘The Power of One’. This was followed by parts in a variety of shows such as The Young Indiana Jones and ‘Drop the Dead Donkey’. But, it wasn’t until his role in ‘Our friends in the North’ that he really became known in the industry.

However, many of his roles since then were for independent productions and didn’t offer huge financial gains. It’s fair to say the Daniel Craig net worth was not significant at this stage.


The Bond Years

It’s worth noting that Craig had reservations about playing 007, seeing the franchise as a money-making machine. It was certainly different from the productions he had made previously. In fact, when he finally agreed, many fans protested at Daniel Craig playing James Bond as he is blond and 5 feet 10 inches tall, very different from the Bond’s that came before him.   The good news was that Craig had the support of the previous Bond actors, including Sean Connery, the original James Bond.

Discover How Much Daniel Craig Earned Playing James Bond

Bond Earnings

The real question is how much Daniel Craig earned playing Bond. He has starred in five films to date and, thanks to his personal high standards he has transformed his body and suffered several injuries, including breaking his ankle and a significant knee injury.

But, when you realize how much Daniel Craig earned from the roles it could be considered worthwhile.

Estimates suggest he earned £18 million for Spectre and a further £18 million for No Time To Die. That’s on top of the earnings from his other Bond films:

  • Casino Royale – £1.9 million
  • Quantum of Solace – £4.4 million
  • Skyfall – £10.7 million

That’s a grand total of £53 million from his time as James Bond. However, it is hard to deny that he has brought the franchise back to life and is viewed by many as the best James Bond to date.

It’s worth noting that the increase in earnings is based on his success as James Bond. Ticket sales alone have produced an income of £3 billion for the producers.  You should also be aware that his third, fourth, and fifth movies had deals connected with them. The figure earned wasn’t just a basic wage for his acting skills, bonuses were earned for the success of the movies.

In fact, there may still be a bonus to come from his final movie as 007, boosting his net worth even further.

Discover How Much Daniel Craig Earned Playing James Bond

Daniel Craig’s net Wealth

The Bond franchise contributes significantly to the net worth of Daniel Craig. However, this high-profile role has also allowed him to continue in more independent movies, such as Knives Out and its sequel. These, along with a contract to create a third film in the series, are estimated to be worth as much as £60 million to Craig.

The question is whether he can spend all the money or not. By his own admission, he has no intent on leaving it all to his children.

In short, proving that James Bond may have made him known across the globe, but his dedication to the role ensured his name will attract the crowds. That’s why he gets the big bucks and his net worth is likely to increase.


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