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Celebrity TV Chef Gordon Ramsay Lands $150 Million Deal with Fox Entertainment

UK-born celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsey just hit the jackpot. The outspoken chef-turned-entertainer joined forces with FOX Entertainment to create a new production company, Studio Ramsay Global. Reports have yet to announce new shows that will come with the merger, but it’s pretty clear that the two forces have a whole lot cooking


Studio Ramsay Global and Its Successful Productions

Many Ramsay fans don’t know that the successful chef owns a production company – Studio Ramsay. The company has bases in the United States and the United Kingdom. Ramsay currently produces various shows that appear on ITV, FOX, CBBC, and YouTube. 

Celebrity TV Chef Gordon Ramsay Lands $150 Million Deal with Fox Entertainment

Ramsay’s recent hits include Culinary Genius America, the F Word with Gordon Ramsay, and Gordon, Gino, and Fred: American Roadtrip. Although Ramsay is best known for Hell’s Kitchen, his production company didn’t produce it – ITV Studios created most show seasons.

Studio Ramsay recently won a Webby Award – an award for internet content creators. On top of that, Celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay received a nomination for a TV Choice Award. Given the studio’s recent success, it’s no surprise that Ramsay was able to land the multi-million-dollar deal with Fox. 


Gordon Ramsay Signs Big New Fox Deal – What Does it Mean?

Ramsay’s strategic deal with Fox Entertainment will expand the chef’s ability to create highly-rated TV shows and internet series. Studio Ramsay will now become “Studio Ramsay Global.” Ramsay initially partnered with All3Media, but now Fox will help fund the chef’s future production ventures.

Despite the new players, Ramsay will still have a significant role in production. Although he won’t always be the star of the shows, the chef will help Fox produce lifestyle and food programs. And thanks to Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef, Ramsay already has a close-knit relationship with Fox.

The business will remain as usual for Gordon Ramsay’s shows produced at offsite locations. Studio Ramsay Global’s two home bases – its London and Los Angeles offices – will serve as the primary operation centers for shows starring Ramsay. 

Celebrity TV Chef Gordon Ramsay Lands $150 Million Deal with Fox Entertainment

Celebrity TV Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Response to the Deal

So, how’s the chef reacting to the headlines, “Gordon Ramsay signs big new Fox deal?” According to Ramsay, the partnership is an “incredibly exciting opportunity.” He also says that the new venture will take “Studio Ramsay to the next level.”

It’s pretty clear that Ramsay cares about the success of his team as well. He sees the new opportunity as a way for his team to develop their talents and skill in the production industry. Ramsay spent 16 years creating Studio Ramsay, and it is finally paying off.

As mentioned, Ramsay has years of experience working with Fox. Rumor has it, many networks have tried to partner with the chef in the past. However, because of Ramsay’s close relationship with Fox Entertainment, perhaps this new partnership was in the works for years prior.


The Ramsay Brand

Many fans are asking, “could this new deal change Gordon Ramsay?” The chef is famous for often portraying a bluntly honest madman on TV – could the Fox partnership change his character?

Based on the information released thus far, Ramsay will focus on creating lifetime and culinary programs for the network. He’ll continue to star in some of his most popular shows. Still, the new deal will allow Ramsay to further take advantage of his talent and industry experience.

Celebrity TV Chef Gordon Ramsay Lands $150 Million Deal with Fox Entertainment

Although this is a professional step up for Ramsay, it’s unlikely that the establishment of Studio Ramsay Global will change his persona. Fans will never forget Ramsay as the straightforward character who would yell at inspiring chefs at the top of his lungs. 

If anything, the new deal is excellent news for fans, especially those who enjoy the shows currently produced by Ramsay Studios. Viewers will now get to select from a more comprehensive collection of Ramsay-inspired programs available on Fox. The Ramsay brand isn’t going anywhere; in fact, it’s going to grow ten-fold.


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