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Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Has His First Boston Restaurant

Ramsay’s Kitchen is, unsurprisingly, an upscale eatery. This is not a place to take the family for a cheap bite. The large floor space is divided into a bar and lounge area, the main dining room, private dining cubicles, and a raw bar. There is also a patio area that can be enjoyed at the right time of year

Gordon Ramsay is undoubtedly one of the most famous chefs in the world and with good reason. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is more than just a great chef. He is also an entertainer, as proved by his numerous television shows, including ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Kitchen Nightmares’.

Now, Gordon Ramsay’s first Boston restaurant is officially open.

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Has His First Boston Restaurant

The Boston Connection

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been connected with Boston in several ways over the years. Initially, he tried to help re-establish some floundering local restaurants, although with limited success.

Boston chef, Jason Santos has worked as a mentor on his latest hit cooking show. But, until now Boston only had a virtual link to Ramsay’s kitchen.

As of January 2022 Gordon Ramsay’s first Boston restaurant, known as Ramsay’s Kitchen, opened in the Back Bay area. The restaurant is situated in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, taking over the space once occupied by celebrity chef Daniel Boulud.

The space is available thanks to the pandemic closure of so many businesses. It is certainly a great spot and Ramsay is perhaps the best option to revitalize and inspire.


Everything You Need To Know About Ramsay’s Kitchen

It’s fair to say that visiting here will be an experience and it’s one of the most hotly anticipated openings of the year.

The restaurant is on the ground floor and has been refurbished to create the right ambiance. It has striking Atlantic-blue walls with soft downlighters to set the mood. You’ll also find banquettes and white brick with light wood used everywhere to keep the place light-hearted and add a touch of the nautical.

It has obviously been important to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to maintain a Boston feel.

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Has His First Boston Restaurant

This has been helped by the marble bar in a delicate navy color and a selection of illuminated cables that remind you of the Zakim bridge.

The light level depends on which section you are in, it’s generally brighter in the main restaurant than the other areas, this allows you to fully appreciate the food being offered.


What’s On Gordon’s Menu?

Boston is a port and, as such, Ramsay has opted for a good selection of seafood. This includes lobster rolls, oysters, and even a clam-heaped bouillabaisse.

But, there are also some classic Ramsay dishes, such as beef Wellington. In fact, a detailed look at the menu will highlight an impressive collection of Ramsay’s signature dishes throughout the years. That means there is something for everyone to try and you’ll need to come back to fully experience the atmosphere and the flavor of the food.


Future Options

It’s worth noting that Gordon Ramsay’s first Boston restaurant is an ongoing project. The aim is to create several Ramsay’s Kitchens in various locations around North America. It will allow everyone to enjoy high-quality food, sample Ramsay’s signature dishes, and enjoy the dining out experience again.

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Has His First Boston Restaurant

Of course, the great news for anyone living in Boston or the vicinity is that they get to try it first.

It should be noted that Ramsay is not alone in Boston. Several big-named restaurants have opened in the city in recent weeks, including Contessa from the Major Food Group and Kenmore Square from New York’s Blue Ribbon Group.

Competition is good for the customer but could be a challenge for Ramsay.


Final Thoughts

Gordon Ramsay has the experience and skill to make a success of Ramsay’s Kitchen. After all, it’s not his first restaurant, he has 35 restaurants across the globe and an impressive seven Michelin stars, although he has been awarded 16 in his career.

Whether Ramsay’s Kitchen will be a success or not remains to be seen, but it’s certainly worth paying a visit.


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