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5 Best Countries for Working Remotely

Overall, the best countries should be safe (including a low risk of civil unrest), have modern amenities, and be easily accessible from Western countries, such as the United States and Canada. Not only that, but countries with digital nomad visas offer tremendous advantages

More people than ever are working abroad, but that’s not to say working in another country doesn’t come with its challenges. You’ll need to live someplace with a strong internet connection that enables you to stay productive while seeing the world. Furthermore, it’s critical to choose a safe and welcoming place for foreign visitors. If you search the “best countries for working remotely,” you’re bound to find mixed results.

Are you looking to embark on a new journey and work abroad? Here are the best five countries for working remotely:

5 Best Countries for Working Remotely


The picturesque island of Malta is a remote worker’s dream. Not only that, but it’s a safe destination for tourists and locals. According to Kayak, Malta ranks favorably for LBGTQ rights, vehicle accidents, and crime. Moreover, the Mediterranean country has a relatively low COVID-19 rate compared to other nations in the region. You can also find very cheap accommodation in Malta (around $23 per night for the basics). And did we mention the fantastic food the island has to offer? Malta is famous for its delicious pea cakes, octopus stew, and data cakes. Overall, Malta is no doubt one of the leading countries for remote work.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a top choice when digital nomads contemplate the best countries for working remotely. What makes this country so great? Costa Rica is relatively safe compared to its Latin American counterparts. There’s a vast ex-pat presence, so you don’t need to speak fluent Spanish to get by. This tiny Central American has natural parks galore, stunning beaches, and a vibrant culture centered on the phrase “pura vida” – the pure life. And if you’re a wildlife enthusiast, you’ll have an excellent time in Costa Rica. The country is home to over 500,000 species of wildlife! It’s also not expensive to fly to San Jose, Costa, from the United States.



Panama is the second Central American country to make our list! Located south of Costa Rica, Panama offers a luscious environment without sacrificing modern-day amenities. Also, Panama is one of a few countries with digital nomad visas. The great thing about Panama is you have access to a little bit of everything. Whether you want big-city living or a tropical oasis, you can find it in Panama. However, it’s essential to note that Panama only has two distinct seasons – wet and dry. From April – to December, it’s not uncommon for the country to receive a few hours of rain each day. If you’re not a fan of rain, we recommend visiting between May – November.

5 Best Countries for Working Remotely
Credit: Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels


Working in the colorful country of Portugal is an excellent way to spend summer and winter! Although the official language is Portuguese, you shouldn’t have issues speaking English. Moreover, Portugal is one of the few countries with digital nomad visas, making it an attractive option. Some of the most popular cities for remote workers in Portugal include Lisbon, Porto, Braga, and Amadora. And although most people think of Western Europe as highly expensive, Portugal is an exception! For example, the cost of living in Portugal is 32.19 percent lower than in the United States.



Spain is another Western European country that gives you a long of bang for your buck. Its convenient location makes it easy to access Portugal, Italy, Spain, and Andorra. Spain has excellent high-speed internet, so you’ll never need to worry about dropped Zoom calls. It’s also an extremely safe country, and the people are tolerant of the LGBTQ community. As a bonus, you’ll get to enjoy the country’s striking natural beauty, from mountain ranges to sandy beaches. You’ll find that the culture is very unique, and before you know it, you’ll be immersing yourself in the Spanish way of life. Spain is certainly one of the leading countries for remote work!


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