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A Fresh Blender-Cleaning Hack That Everyone Can Use

Millions of people have watched this TikTok, giving people hope that they do not need to take the blender apart to make things work


The Messy Problem

We have all ran into a situation, time and time again, where something seems too messy to clean. Whether it is dishes, a car, or your home, things can get overwhelming in a hurry. But, when it comes to the problem of cleaning out a blender, you got this. You know why? Because a TikTok user has shown us all the way home. This solution is something we need to see more of in our day and age.

A Fresh Blender-Cleaning Hack That Everyone Can Use

Hack For Cleaning

Knowing how to clean a blender can be challenging to comprehend. But, this blender-cleaning hack is for you. @princessporcupine came up with this brilliant idea. By adding water and dish soap to the blender, it cleans itself. You no longer have to do the heavy lifting. How great is that? A hand wash still might be better, but it is worth a try.

This video was posted back in February of 2020 with the blender going to work. But, it was not making a tasty smoothie or pureeing veggies. It was getting clean in a new way. The blending method seemed to be the best, and pushing “start” was all she wrote.

No More Wasting Time On Cleaning

The video currently has close to 300,000 loves, 4,000 comments, and 30,000 shares. This example is not a horrible way to help people around you and make some money in the process. Even the song “Halo” by Beyonce gets people pumped as they watch. Now, the video has amassed 5 million views. Many people are kicking themselves because they cannot believe they have not thought of this themselves. Sometimes, we overlook the small things, huh? Now, people no longer have to waste time using it for more essential parts of life.

A Fresh Blender-Cleaning Hack That Everyone Can Use
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What Professionals Say

Some professionals are chiming in on this hack for cleaning. How to clean a blender might be ancient with the typical washcloth, soap, and water. But, you no longer need to spend time with this archaic model. It can be challenging to move out of things we are comfortable with, but we will all be better for it.

Bailey Carson is the cleaning had at the company Handy. This service is an app for household services. She told Insider magazine that the best way to clean any blender is by taking it apart piece by piece. This process gets the deepest clean around. Think of it like the good old days when life was more efficient.

A Time-Saving Hack

Still, if you are in a time crunch, then this hack could get you somewhere in a short time. When using this hack for cleaning, rinse the blender first to get residue away if you can. Then, add some warm water and a couple of dish soap drops. Next, blend for 15 seconds on one of the lower speeds.

A Fresh Blender-Cleaning Hack That Everyone Can Use

For an even deeper clean, this blender-cleaning hack uses baking soda and water. By adding equal parts, you can blend the substances. Next, rinse out the blender and add dish soap and water again to finish off the process. Always rinse out your blender before use. Sometimes, dish soaps have poisonous parts. You would never want to swallow this at any time.


What Will They Think Of Next?

How to clean a blender is something you know all about now. But, I sure am curious what they will think of next. I would love a life-hack for cleaning other dishes. Maybe they will come up with a hack for cleaning the bathroom. Hopefully, they will think about something like that. Then, I can have even more time on my hands. I wish you the best of luck in the world of cleaning. Your blender will be cleaner than it ever has been before.


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