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6 Tips To Stay Fit Without A Gym Membership

Most people have at least one gym in their vicinity and it seems like the logical choice when you want to get fit. After all, gyms have specialized equipment and trainers to ensure you get the most from your membership. They can help you reach your goals

Of course, the problem with the gym is that it costs money. That places an extra squeeze your finances and can be simply too much for many people. The good news is that getting fit on a budget is possible and that you can stay fit without a gym membership.

You just need to know how:


1. Bodyweight Exercises

If you hit the gym and start weight training you will likely start with light weights and focus on form. This means you don’t see much change in your fitness but you do learn the correct technique to ensure results as you move up the weights.

However, you already have significant weights at home.

6 Tips To Stay Fit Without A Gym Membership
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The average person weighs 181 pounds, you can lift this for free every day! The best way to start bodyweight exercises and stay fit without a gym membership is to focus on press-ups, sit-ups, and even burpees. The plank is also excellent and can be done in a variety of forms.

As you progress and build fitness and strength you can continue with bodyweight exercises such as squats and even pull-ups.


2. Your Local Park

Your local park is the obvious place to head if you are looking for ways to exercise without a gym membership. There will be plenty of open space allowing you to move around and get your heart pumping.

You will also find that many local parks have outdoor gyms. They are usually set up in a circuit, allowing you to use one machine and then catch your breath as you move on to the next.  This is completely free.

All you have to do to make sure this approach is effective is to create a schedule and stick to it. You should visit several times a day to find out when the best time is to exercise and then start doing it every other day.

Don’t forget, when exercising rest is as important as the exercise.


3. Start Running or Cycling

Running, or even walking, is generally regarded as completely free. If you have a bike, you can even start cycling. Of course, it’s not completely free. While you can wear almost anything to run, the right shoes make a big difference.

If you’re looking at getting fit on a budget then it’s advisable to look for running shoes in the sales.

It’s important to note that not everyone enjoys running, but it is an effective and free way to exercise and get fitter It’s also very good for your heart. It’s best to start slow and try to run with someone else of a similar level. It’s more fun and motivational that way.


4. Download Fitness Apps

There are an abundance of fitness apps available online and they represent one of the best ways to exercise without a gym membership. Simply download your preferred app and set up your goals. It will guide you through when to exercise and what to do.

Alternatively, it will simply track your progress and help you to improve your healthy behaviour while sharing your progress with others.

The last part is especially important as it gives you accountability which makes you more inclined to succeed.


5. Ditch The Car

The key to becoming fitter is moving more and you don’t need a gym to do that. Start by looking at how often you drive when you could walk.

Then, make a conscious effort to walk instead of drive. It doesn’t matter if it’s one trip to the shops a day or simply parking further away from the office. Every step you take is a step closer to your fitness goals.

It also counts when looking at the lift versus stairs, taking the stairs is always the better choice.

6 Tips To Stay Fit Without A Gym Membership
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6. Look At Your Diet

They say you are what you eat and this is true. If you eat an unhealthy diet you are going to struggle to get healthier. Look at it this way, you can run for 30 minutes and burn between 400-500 calories. But, eating one donut will give you about 300 calories, effectively negating your run.

If you want results you need to stop the donuts and do the exercise.

The best way to improve your diet without calorie counting is to avoid processed foods as much as possible. These are high in sugars and salt, neither of which are good for your body.


Final Thoughts

Getting fitter without gym membership is possible. You simply need to take a few minutes to consider your current eating habits and schedule in some exercise. Then, choose the exercises you enjoy as this will help you to keep doing them for the long term.

Remember, getting fitter is a lifetime commitment, that’s why you need to do it with simple steps.


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