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5 Major Benefits Of Working Part-Time

Most people look for a full-time job and start working, straight after they finish their education. It’s normal to want to get started in a career and perhaps fight your way to the top

However, it’s also easy to get bogged down and forget that working full-time isn’t the right choice for everyone. While you are likely to earn less part-time, there are several benefits of working part-time. It’s important you pause to consider the following five. Ideally, it will leave you questioning should you work full-time or part-time.


1. Better Health

If you are seriously considering whether you should work full-time or part-time then you need to consider the negative effects that working too much can have on your health.

5 Major Benefits Of Working Part-Time
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One of the biggest issues when working too much is stress. This happens because you are constantly having to deal with difficult situations or simply don’t want to spend all your time at work.

When you’re stressed your body releases the hormone cortisol. This impedes the production of various hormones as it prepares your body to fight or flight, a standard stress response. Your blood pressure will increase and you are likely to experience brain fog, high blood pressure, fatigue, and more likely to contract an array of age-related diseases such as cardiovascular issues and diabetes.

If you are debating about working part-time vs full-time then consider the fact that part-time is better for your health.


2. Time To Pursue Hobbies

One of the biggest benefits of working part-time is the fact that you have more free time. That means more time to do the things you enjoy. It doesn’t matter if that’s gardening, learning to skydive, or renovating a house or car.

The point is that part-time work gives you more free time and that’s better for hobbies and work-life balance.

Having more free time can also be a great way to retrain or improve qualifications. It can allow you to get ahead when you’ve been struggling to do so.


3. Earn More

When you’re weighing up working part-time vs full-time you probably assume that part-time means less money coming in. In fact, it means that the company will be paying you less. That suits them as there is a general increase in the number of part-time vacancies.

5 Major Benefits Of Working Part-Time
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However, working part-time means you have enough free time to explore other opportunities. As part-time workers often receive a little extra because they are part-time, doing full-time hours split over two or more companies can give you a higher weekly income.

In addition, you are more likely to enjoy the job and perform well, increasing your promotion potential.


4. Increased Family Time

If you have children you’ll instinctively realize that working part-time will allow you to spend more time with the children. Even if you don’t currently have children, you probably have a family that you could spend time with.

It’s important to remember that this is quality time and you’ll never get a better chance to enjoy their company. Stepping back and working part-time will effectively give you more time to appreciate those in your life. That is not something you’ll ever regret.


5. Money-Saving

Alongside the potential to earn more from two part-time jobs, you also have the possibility of saving money. This can come in a variety of forms. For example, going to work less often and having a second job closer to home will save you fuel and parking costs. You may even be able to cut your car insurance by using a limited mileage policy.

Naturally, the reduced miles mean less wear and tear on the vehicle, reducing your costs further.

Alongside this, there may be less dinners bought at work and even a few less evenings out, all of which can save you money.


Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that it depends on what you want from life. If money is your only goal then in the battle of working full-time vs part-time, full-time is likely to win. But, if you want more quality time and can survive on a little less, it’s time to take stock.

When you start working out the savings you could make and how little difference working part-time could make to your quality of life, you start to realize that this may be the right option for you.

It’s certainly something everyone should try.


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