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10 Celebrities Who Choose Not To Drink Alcohol

It’s easy to say you’ll never drink again after a particularly good night and hard morning. But, committing to avoiding alcohol is never as easy as it sounds. The simple fact is you’re surrounded by it, at bars, restaurants, and a host of special occasions

That’s what makes it even more remarkable when you discover the celebrities who choose not to drink alcohol. They are constantly faced with temptation.


The Alcohol Argument

Some celebrities admit to having an addiction to alcohol, that’s why they need to stop drinking. But, other celebrities who are sober simply choose to be.

There have always been arguments regarding the amount of alcohol that is healthy

Some research indicates that people who have just one alcoholic drink a day have a lower risk of cardiovascular issues than those who drink more and those that don’t drink at all!

Other studies suggest that drinking any alcohol is harmful to your brain and increases the risk of an array of diseases. 

In short, you’ll need to decide for yourself, the following celebrities who don’t drink alcohol have clearly already decided. Of course, celebrities who are sober have their own reasons for staying that way.

Bradley Cooper

10 Celebrities Who Choose Not To Drink Alcohol
Bradley Cooper

Perhaps one of the most famous celebrities who choose not to drink alcohol is Bradley Cooper. In fact, he choose to stop when he was just 29 as he realized his drug and alcohol addiction was damaging his career as well as his health. He’s certainly shown that giving up alcohol works, just look at how many leading roles he has had.


Sia started gaining fame when she was just 10/11 years old. This led to a life of partying and excess and an addiction to alcohol and drugs. In 2010 she realized that it was time to sober up for her career and to stay healthy. That’s when she started wearing her wigs and hiding her face.

It was a good decision, she’s stayed sober ever since and released a host of successful songs.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus became known across the globe as Hannah Montana after her stint on the Disney show. Naturally, this fame and fortune led to a life of partying, including drugs and alcohol. Herr fans saw the change in 2013 when she changed her image.

After several years of excess, she became another of the celebrities who don’t drink alcohol. In 2019 she stopped drinking and committed to a healthier lifestyle, including becoming vegan and avoiding gluten.

Brad Pitt

10 Celebrities Who Choose Not To Drink Alcohol
Brad Pitt

If anyone can rival Bradley Cooper for the most famous alcohol-free actor it’s Brad Pitt. The two actors are known to support each other if they are tempted to drink again. The star has openly admitted he has a problem with alcohol. But, it was his divorce in 2016 that triggered him to join alcoholic anonymous and stop drinking.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is another huge Hollywood star that has openly admitted to having issues with alcohol. He has gone as far as telling his story in order to inspire others.

One of his biggest challenges was simply admitting he was an alcoholic and then being honest with himself. The good news is that he is now alcohol-free and intends to stay that way.

Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke is generally regarded as a legend and he was also one of the first celebrities to publicly announce his alcoholic addiction. At the time addiction was viewed as a moral failure. Despite this, he spoke up and helped to revolutionize the stigma surrounding alcoholism.

Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony Hopkins has starred in some of the best-received movies of the last twenty years. But, his journey hasn’t always been smooth. He turned to drink early in his career and found that he was addicted.

It took many years to admit and overcome the addiction. But, he has now been sober for over 45 years, proving it is possible. 

Jamie Lee Curtis

10 Celebrities Who Choose Not To Drink Alcohol

Jamie Lee Curtis is another celebrity that struggled to admit to herself she had an issue. As a young star drinking was simply something that she did. Ultimately, this led to a painkiller addiction, although it appeared to have no effect on her personal or professional life.

Ultimately, she realized that it was damaging her health and she became another celebrity that chose to give up alcohol. She’s been sober for over 20 years.

Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg has dealt with depression for many years. Unfortunately, his initial approach was to use alcohol to help support his depression. It should have been a devastating coupling but somehow it wasn’t obvious.

That’s what made it so surprising when Pegg announced he had been sober for several years. 

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. admits he was introduced to drugs and alcohol at a young age, frequently doing both with his father. Becoming a celebrity made it much easier to support the habit and even have it seen as acceptable. 

But, in 1996 he was sent to rehab after being caught drunk and carrying drugs. He served a year in prison in 199 and was sent to rehab again in 2000.

In 2003 his family and friends staged an intervention and he went into rehab again. Since then, he has stayed sober and his career has rocketed to new heights. 


Final Thoughts

In many cases being a celebrity makes it easier to access drinks and drugs and perhaps makes it appear more acceptable. However, the above celebrities who choose not to drink alcohol are just a few of the ones that have been brave enough to stop their partying, respect their health, and, more importantly, share the experience with others.

That makes them an inspiration, especially if you are struggling with alcohol addiction.


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